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This is a site dedicated to Koi pond and water garden equipment and supplies. Find everything from pond design, to pond liners, filters, water pumps, UV sterilizers, brass sculptures, plus much more.

Japanese Koi fish - how to buy Koi and start a healthy pond.

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Check out how you can save thousands of dollars with the Money Saver Pumps™. Click on the above link. Power Plus Pumps™ are very efficient single speed pumps with 35% extra power. Best Pond Pumps™ are very economical 2-speed motors with very high-flow pumps. All these pumps are sold at distributor discounts.

This site is a resource for Koi fish enthusiasts and pond keepers. Many pictures help identify Koi varieties. Our focus is on how to keep Koi fish happy and healthy. We supply imported Japanese Koi fish as well as Butterfly Koi fish from the finest breeders.

Another Internet website for Koi Fish is 

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Best Pond Filters™ are the most efficient self-cleaning Koi nitrification filters yet, and they are sold at distributor discounts.

Our background includes successful ornamental fish keeping and breeding since the 1950’s; as well as a B.S. in the Biological Sciences from the University of Chicago, and completion of the work for an M.S. in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Koi fish are claimed to have reached 2 meters (6 feet) in length, and the oldest to have reached the age of 230 years, passed down from generation to generation. Most modern Koi are considered special if they reach 1 meter in length, and average age from 40 to 60 years.

We welcome comments, pictures, videos, audios, and input from other Koi keepers.

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